Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct. 2nd Blog Update : 25 Prospect Thoughts

A lot of future NFL talent was on display yesterday and quite a few things caught my eye. Robert Griffin continued his amazing play, Tyler Wilson had a breakout performance in leading the Razorbacks back from an 18 point deficit. Wisconsin free agent pick-up Russell Wilson is having a Heisman type season but what are his NFL prospects.

It wasn't just the QB's that changed their draft stock yesterday. Jared Crick and Jeff Fuller are among those who will be downgraded on my big board. In all I share my thoughts and opinions on 25 draft prospects whose stock was affected by their performance on Saturday.

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Pictured : TE Dwayne Allen had a big day and could now be the first TE off the board come April.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 4 NFL Picks

Is week 4 too late to start doing weekly picks? Perhaps but since I have a gambling problem I figured no better place or time. After the jump I share my picks for every NFL game on the schedule this weekend. I've used for the spreads.

Obviously this is just for fun, if you take my advice and lose money don't feel bad. Take solace in knowing I too will be joining you in the soup kitchen line.

Pictured : Tom Brady is taking his new short hair style to Oakland this week. Perhaps the reason he threw 4 INT's last week was because of the hair in his eyes?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2012 NFL Mock Draft Updated - 9/27

Updated 9 / 27 / 2011

It's been a while since we've updated here but with the NFL wrapping up Week 3 we felt it necessary to bring you the most up to date projection of the 2012 Draft.

Obviously a lot will change before April but look no farther than our earliest 2011 mocks to see just how many of the names stay the same. All underclassmen who are eligible are included until they announce otherwise.

Our order is based on our current NFL standings except for the playoffs teams which are lifted from our NFL Season Predictions which you can find here : AFC / NFC / Playoffs. As the season progresses into a larger sample size only current standings will be reflected.

Friday, September 9, 2011

NFL Season Predictions Part 3 : Post-Season Awards and Playoff Breakdown

Over the last week we've given our synopsis on how the AFC and NFC will play out in our Season Predictions Part 1 (NFC) and Part 2 (AFC). Today we hand out our post-season awards including Rookies of the year and MVP.

We also break down every play-off game all the way to the Super Bowl where we name our Champion. Take a look and feel free to criticize.

Pictured : What every team is looking to capture this season, but who will do it? We give you our best guess.

NFL Season Predictions: Part 2 (AFC)

We're only a few hours away from the tip off the 2011 NFL season so we're scrambling to knock out the rest of NFL season predictions. After knocking out the NFC it's time to take a look at the AFC. We go through division by division and predict the order of finish. Check out our predictions so you can look back in a few months and laugh at us.

Also we'll take a look at how we have the play-offs turning out. Our pick for league MVP, defensive player of the year and Rookies of the Year.

Pictured :Al Davis is still alive and kicking (well kicking at least) Can the Raiders turn 6-0 in their divsion last year into a playoff run?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NFL Season Predictions: Part 1 (NFC)

With the NFL season kicking off this week we figured it was time to put some of our predictions out into the multi-webs. We start off today with our preview of the NFC. We go through division by division and predict the order of finish. Which team goes from last to first? Which one goes from last to worse? Check out our predictions so you can look back in a few months and laugh at us.

Tomorrow we'll take a look at the AFC, then wrap things up on Thursday by handing out our Pre-season MVP's ROY's and Play-off breakdown. Including our Super Bowl Champion pick.

Pictured : It seems like every talking head is on the Lions Bandwagon, which makes us hesitate. But what's not to like?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept. 4 Blog Update : 20 Prospect Thoughts

The college football season is underway and it didn't take long for players to start helping their stock. Some like Robert Griffin III in a major way. So who where we watching over the past few days? Who caught our eye? Check out our "Prospect Thoughts" version of our blog update.

We share our thoughts on 20 prospects who helped (or hurt?) their stock this weekend. 

Our DVR is still full and we plan on catching even more tape before next saturday rolls around so be on the look out for another edition of "Prospect Thoughts" this week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

College Football Predictions

The college football season kicks off tonight, actually just a few minuets from now. So it seemed as good a time as ever to throw some fearless predictions out for the upcoming season. After the jump we take a look at who we see winning Conference Championship games, BCS Bowls and the Heisman trophy. We throw a few surprised in there and plenty of hype which is sure to make us look extra dumb come January. Enjoy and feel free to criticize.

Check back tomorrow as we share our thoughts on prospects from tonights game in our blog section.

Pictured : Marcus Lattimore (prepare to hear a lot more about him)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Aug. 26 Blog Update

We have a Cam Newton heavy blog update today. How did Cam look last night in his 3 quarter regular season dress rehearsal? What does that mean for Carolina this coming season? What would the Panthers do if they get 2012 #1 overall? Why is it so important to Jerry Richardson that Cammy Cam not get tatted up?

In non Cam thoughts we take a look at a few other rookies who turned heads last night. Ponder on if the Redskins are better than we thought. Oh and a prominent SEC quarterback is going to jail today, what does that mean for his draft chances? Not to mention his teams outlook this season. Check out all the run on sentences after the jump!